Passionflower Tea

Passionflower tea and its health benefits

Passionflower tea has been known to have a calming effect on the human brain and hence is
recommended by many physicians as a very effective stress reliever. Research conducted by the
University of Maryland Medical Center has proved that the consumption of 3 to 4 cups of passionflower
tea will help one deal with stress and related ailments more effectively. Each cup of passionflower tea
normally contains a teaspoon of the dried herb. This quantity is often adequate to help relieve the mind
of stress.

Passionflower tea is made from the dried flowers, stems and leaves of the passionflower plant. It has a
sedating effect on the human brain when consumed in adequate quantity. The University of Maryland
Medical Center research states that passionflower tea increases the level of gamma-aminbutyric acid,
commonly known as GABA, in the human brain. The increase in this compound works towards sedating
the brain. This tea has been used for centuries in Europe and North America for dealing with stress and
related ailments.

Although the use of passionflower tea in dealing with stress has been well documented, adequate
precaution has to be taken not to go overboard it its use. One should understand that the use of this
tea helps sedate the brain and provide temporary calmness. However, it does not take care of the stress
inducing behavior. A person suffering from stress and related ailments should try to cure his stress
inducing habits. Passionflower tea can help in reducing the ill effects of stress. However it should only be
used in conjunction with a well set plan aimed at reducing stress inducing habits.

A good stress management plan will always involve the use of passionflower tea. This tea has been
recommended by physicians all over the globe as an effective way of stress reduction. Passionflower tea
being completely natural is also a very safe way of dealing with stress. By helping reduce stress, it in turn
helps reduce the chances of a lot of other stress induced ailments.

Although passionflower tea is completely natural and safe to consume, some care should be taken
before using it. Pregnant women should avoid it as it has been known to cause uterus compression.
Also, if one is consuming passionflower tea along with other over the counter medication, he should
check for any likely conflicts between the ingredients of both. This will help ensure that passionflower
tea remains a safe way to combat stress.

For the optimal help with sleep Dr. Oz recommends combining and steeping passion flower tea with Valerian Tea.

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