Hawthorn Tea

Benefits of Hawthorn Tea:

Hawthorn tea has been regarded by medical practitioners, researchers and tea drinkers as a very effective way to get rid of stress, increase immunity and keep the heart healthy. In fact, the benefits of this tea in fighting stress induced health issues are so pronounced, people have started calling it “stress tonic” and “heart tonic”.

Hawthorn tea comes from the fruits, leaves and flowers of the Hawthorn shrub that is found extensively in North America, Europe and some parts of Asia. This tea is rich in flavonoids, which are very useful in keeping the heart healthy and fighting off stress induced illnesses. Research has proved that this tea helps in increasing the blood flow to the heart muscles and thus helps in reducing the chances of a heart attack caused due to lack of flow of blood to the heart.

Hawthorn tea has a number of other health benefits. Tests on animals have proved that this tea helps keep the liver healthy by stimulating it to use LDL cholesterol to produce bile salts. Bile salts are flushed out of the body through stool. These salts are toxic and can cause great harm to the liver if they are not flushed out periodically.

Hawthorn tea also helps regulate blood flow throughout the body. It relaxes the inner artery linings, which permits greater blood flow throughout the body. Hawthorn tea has also been proved to prevent irreversible tissue damage often caused during heart attacks.

People with lupus can also benefit from regular consumption of Hawthorn tea. Lupus patients have a high degree of canavanine in their blood that gets the blood to clot faster than normal. Hawthorn tea is known to reverse the effects of this compound and thus help lupus patients.

One of the many reasons why Hawthorn tea is so widely used as a medicinal supplement is that there are very few side effects of this tea, and people consuming it normally do not have to take extra precautions. This tea is completely natural, nontoxic and very safe. One of the only known side effects that Hawthorn tea might have is causing diarrhea in the first few days of consumption. More on Hawthorn

The benefits of Hawthorne tea are immense. Its regular consumption can help reduce heart ailments, stress induced problems and can also help boost the immune system. A regular consumption of this tea complemented by a balanced diet will go a long way in keeping you healthy and safe.

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