Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) Tea

Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) tea and its health benefits

The roots of the Eleutherococcus plant, commonly known as the Siberian Ginseng or also the Eleuthero,
have been used to fight stress, fatigue and also herpes. This plane belongs to the Araliaceae Ginseng
family of plants, but is very different from other ginseng plants like Panag Ginseng. This plant can grow
in much colder areas, unlike its siblings, and also costs much less than other plants of this family.

The Eleutherococcus tea has a long history. The Chinese population has for long been using the
Eleutherococcus roots for reducing stress, improving memory, longevity and health. It also helps
improve appetite. The earliest use of Eleutherococcus tea for dealing with stress was made by the
Chinese almost 4000 years back. It was then used by the Russians in the 19th century. Lazarev, a Russian
scientist, termed the healing property of this plant as “adaptogen”. Adaptogen refers to something
that promotes adaptation to stress of any kind. Since Eleutherococcus tea is rich in adaptogen, it helps
the person adapt to the stressful atmospheres and avoid its ill, effects. Although it has been used
for centuries to combat stress, Eleutherococcus tea was introduced as a medicinal tea in Europe and
America only in 1975.

Eleutherococcus tea is today used as an effective way to increase endurance and promote resistance to
stress. The effects of Eleutherococcus tea were proven recently by a study done on a sample group of
people. The results of this study proved that after consumption of 300 mg of Eleutherococcus tea per
day for four weeks, the subjects depicted a considerable drop in the levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Studies have also suggested that Eleutherococcus tea helps increase immunity. It has a pronounced
effect on cytotoxic cells, natural killer cells and T-lymphocytes. A German research institute studied the effects of daily consumption of 3 tablespoon of this tea on immunity. The results were encouraging.
People who consumed this tea had a much higher count of immune cells in their body as compared

Eleutherococcus tea has also been proven to be effective in fighting Herpes. Consumption of 2 grams of
Eleutherococcus tea every day leads to a lesser chance of contracting Herpes. (Learn the difference between Eleutherococcus tand regular ginseng)

The adaptogen properties of the Eleutherococcus plant have been well documented and proven by
research studies conducted in different parts of the world. Eleutherococcus tea should be used as a part
of every person’s stress management plans.

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